RIUH hosts a curation of homegrown brands with an eclectic range of products ranging from fashion and artisanal pieces to food and beverages and many more. 

We provide vendors with our signature pop-up booths and a comfortable space to tell their brand story and importantly, sell products. Our monthly do gives shopaholics an alternative to shopping malls for a weekend of retail therapy.



RIUH collaborates with artisans and leading creatives by curating a series of workshops and talks where the community from all walks of life can get their hands dirty and stimulate creative conversations. We provide a communal space where families can enjoy the weekend together after a hectic week.

Think terrarium-making, candle-making, painting, carpentry, silkscreen printing, cooking classes for both kids and adults – cultivating the creative culture.



RIUH hosts talented artists to showcase and exhibit their art. Visitors would expect live music performances, art shows, screenings and pop-up showcases.

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About Riuh

Hi there! RIUH (pronounced: ri-yoh; means: loud festive noises in Malay) is a curated platform. We curate a variety of pop-up stores & food, creative workshops, showcases and live performances. A monthly affair, one weekend every month – with different monthly creative offerings.

To the creative community – we host you by providing a pop-up space to sell, share and flaunt what you do best.

To the urbanites and visitors to KL - we invite you for a weekend of retail therapy, to get your hands dirty and creative juices running in our creative workshops and indulge in the arts.

RIUH is a Curated Creative Platform.

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